Sustained PD opportunities (classes, courses, MOOCs, camps, clubs) have become a popular part of this year's CEM--add yours here!

Courses, Classes, Clubs!

2013 was the year of the course with great offerings from Adobe, National Geographic, HP, and more--many are ongoing, self-directed, being repeated or likely will be soon--check them out!

3D Game Labs Teacher Camps

3D GameLab's monthly online teacher camps provide teachers and instructional designers the tools and the training to turn their classes into living games. Start at any point, choose quests, work at your own pace, end with your own game dashboard. PD credit available

Blended Learning: Personalizing Instruction For Students

New Teacher Center, Coursera, the Silicon Valley Schools Fund, and the Christensen Institute present a Massive Open Online Course on one of education's hottest topics (Oct 15-Nov 26)

Common Core In Action: Literacy Across Content Areas

New Teacher Center and Coursera present a course on applying tools from the Literacy Design Collaborative to incorporate CCSS into your content area (Oct 7-Nov 11)

Common Core: Math Formative Assessment

New Teacher Center and Coursera provide a course-based focus on math formative assessments as a strategy for implementing CCSS (Oct 21-Nov 25)

Deeper Learning MOOC

MIT Media Lab, Peer to Peer University (P2PU), the Hewlett Foundation and others join forces for a nine-week self-paced MOOC (massive open online course) on deeper learning principles and practices. Jan 20 - Mar 21

Digital Creativity In The Classroom

Adobe presents a course for educators straight out of its wheelhouse of expertise, introducing a new theme and industry expert in digital design (images, collages, animations, more) every week (Sep 29 - Nov 16)

Digital Transition MOOC

The Alliance for Excellent Education and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation are running a MOOC on making the transition to digital-based learning (Sept 30-Nov 24)

Edublogs Challenges 2013

Connected giant Edublogs is offering two challenges, one on student blogging, the other on personal blogging, self-directed, start anytime! (Oct 14-Nov 14)

ELT Techniques: Vocabulary

WizIQ offers a new MOOC for English language teachers worldwide, focused on pronunciation as part of a larger new MOOC unfolding, the first of its kind for ELTs (Nov 11 - Dec 6)

Games Based Learning MOOC

The fifth iteration of an open course for educators who want to learn more about games, simulations and game-like environments, with a focus on maker/creation activities (Oct 28-Dec 11)

High Speed Vedic Math MOOC

WizIQ and India For All offered this course Oct 7-Oct 11 and got 1,800+ sign-ups; it appears to be slated to run every quarter from now on--check the course page for details & contacts...

HP Catalyst Academy

Hewlett Packard, ISTE, and the New Media Consortium collaborate to provide a variety of mini-courses (most recently mobile app design without programming, starting Nov 1). Check out the full catalog of upcoming courses!

Integrating Common Core Literacy In Science

New Teacher Center provides a mentor-facilitated, community-based opportunity to explore integrating CCSS in science and experiment with improving instruction (Oct 21-Dec 16)

Intro to Openness in Education

Peer to Peer University is offering an asynchronous, self-paced introductory course exploring the history and impacts of openness in education (Oct 1-Dec 31)

Invent To Learn Book Club

The third of four CEM book clubs, featuring authors Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager, with facilitator extraordinaire Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach throughout (Oct 21-Dec 4)

Learning Beyond Letter Grades MOOC

Dr. Bernard Bull of Concordia College offers a 6 week self-paced MOOC the history, benefits, limitations, and alternatives to using letter grades in learning environments (Oct 7-Nov 16)

Make/Hack/Play Together

Hewlett Packard and P2PU offer a free mini-course will introduce you as an educator to the “maker movement,” in both digital and non-digital realms (Nov 4-Nov 22...also Jan, Feb)

Moodle MOOC 3: Collaborative Teaching & Learning

WizIQs Moodle MOOC 2 was one of the more popular online courses during CEM with 2,700+ registrations (get recordings here). Moodle MOOC 3 will focus on using Moodle for collaboration (Feb 1-Feb 28)

Teacherpreneurs Book Club

The first of four CEM 2013 book clubs, featuring authors Barnett Berry, Ann Byrd, Alan Weider, and facilitator extraordinaire Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (Oct 1-Nov 14)

The Connected Educator Book Club

The second of four CEM 2013 book clubs, and a reprise of last year's highly successful club, featuring authors Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Lani Ritter Hall throughout (Oct 7-Nov 11)

The Daily Create

Make openness a daily habit by making/creating every day. Peer to Peer University offers daily assignments help you get there--take today's, or any past day's assignment (Oct 1-Dec 31)

Water: The Essential Resource

National Geographic and Annenberg Learner present an interdisciplinary course (w/graduate credit available) for educators on our most essential resource (Oct 9 - Dec 4)

What School Leaders Need To Know Book Club

The final CEM 2013 book club, featuring authors Scott McLeod and Chris Lehmann, with facilitator extraordinaire Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach throughout (Oct 28 - Dec 2)