This is a recording of (and related links/resources for) the kick-off of Professional Learning and the Learning Profession, one of the main forums for CEM, covering such questions as:

  • What and where are the best (social) opportunities for educators to work on and learn for their practice in the coming year?
  • What steps should every educator consider taking to become more connected, and what are the key resources that can help?
  • In what kinds of learning do teachers (and other educators) need to be engaged in the 21st century, and how will technology help?
  • What are the key methodological and content trends in the classroom (e.g., flipped classrooms, core standards) with which technology (in general) and communities or networks (specifically) can impact and help?

The kick-off consisted of panel and open discussion moderated by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. Panelists included Cathy Gassenheimer, Jackie Gerstein, Caren Levine, Stephanie Sandifer, Kathy Schrock, and Will Richardson.

View The Session

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* Want to continue the discussion, have something you want to say?  This session was just the beginning of a month-long forum on the same topics (Professional Learning in the Learning Profession: 21st Century PD) that will involve many of the panelists you just saw and more, and culminate with action items for the field.  You’re invited to join us and be part of it–click here for access.

* Never been part of a forum before? Not sure you have what it takes yet?  A great place to get up to speed is CEM’s collection of connected educator starter resources, including a starter kit, our help desk, and more…

* Interested in more panels like this?  There’s a whole collection of them to access on the CEM Kickoff page, and an even bigger (much bigger) fully searchable and browsable collection/calendar of CEM events and activities from 100+ participating organizations on the Connected Educator Month home page.

* And if you were particularly inspired by a particular panelist and want to see more of them at work, check out:

3 Responses to Forum Kickoff: Professional Learning in the Learning Profession

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  2. John Norton says:

    What a great session this was! Presenters, responders, moderator all did a terrific job and with 100 participants, the chat stream was amazing. So the archive is…where?

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  3. John Norton says:

    Ah – found the secret archive at Steve Hargadon’s site.


    Would it make sense to have an archive at the Connected Educators/CEM site?

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