Innovations in Assessment

Connected Educator Month 2015 Theme: Innovations in Assessment

Led by the National Council of Teachers of English

This page provides an overview of the theme and invites your participation. Follow these links to learn more about:

  • The theme challengeHow can we re-envision assessments for accountability and equity?  
  • Core programming being planned by NCTE and its partners

Assessment is something educators use daily to gauge what students are learning and inform how they teach. Assessments come in many different forms and serve different purposes. However, most public conversation around assessment tends to focus on state testing and its use for evaluating teachers and schools. How might we shift the conversation toward a more holistic and well-rounded understanding of how we can know what kids know and can do?

Under an umbrella that encompasses the wide assessment types and purposes, the National Council of Teachers of English is leading the theme Innovations in Assessment for Connected Educator Month 2015. We are looking for a community of contributors who can help us to explore questions such as:

  • How are educators creating and using assessments in their classrooms to support the learning of ALL students?
  • What new technologies and tools can provide better assessment data that proves useful to teachers and school leaders for advancing student learning?
  • What role does privacy play in assessment design and use?
  • How are teachers and school leaders using information from different kinds of assessment to think together about instructional implications for students and professional learning implications for themselves?
  • What aspects of student learning do state tests overlook, and how do we generate useful information about them?
  • How have standardized tests changed, and what additional changes need to occur?
  • How do assessment practices and policies impact new teacher preparation, certification, and beyond?

We invite everyone with something to contribute to this conversation around this topic to do so in several ways:

  1. Post Your Events: Consider hosting free online events (webinars, Twitter chats, video viewings, discussions, etc.) during Connected Educator Month dealing with assessment. Put it on the CEM calendar and be sure to indicate the connection to the Innovations in Assessment theme. If you have online events already scheduled around this theme, please post those too. We will help to get the word out about them.
  2. Be a Part of NCTE-Hosted Activities: Share with us how you would like to participate in an event we are scheduling (blogging, online discussion panel, radio broadcast, discussion board, etc.) or put us in touch with others you know whose voices should be a part of this assessment conversation. We’ll be sharing more information about what we have planned on this page soon. 
  3. Get Others Involved: Share information about this theme and CEM in general through your networks and on social media.
  4. Blog for Us: We’re looking to share unique perspectives on this topic, so if you have a particular take on Innovations in Assessment you’d like to share, let us know and we’ll find a place to post your thoughts.
  5. Focus your contributions on the ChallengeHow can we re-envision assessments for accountability and equity?

Ready to join in? Let Lisa Fink, who is leading the NCTE CEM team, know by writing her at

2 Responses to Theme: Innovations in Assessment

  1. Caitlin Dooley says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Caitlin here (editor from Language Arts). I am interested in being part of this group.
    Caitlin Dooley

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  2. Dr. Martha M Cronje says:

    I would like to send a file on flawed assessment practices concerning early grade reading in Africa. What is happening in Africa at present is causing more and more children to drop out of school unable to read at all.

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