This is a recording of (and related resources/links for) a CEM kickoff keynote address by Dr. Larry Johnson.  Dr. Johnson is an acknowledged expert on emerging technology and its impacts on society and education, and has written five books, seven chapters, and published more than 50 papers and research reports on the topic. He speaks regularly on  the topics of creativity, innovation, and technology trends, and has delivered more than 75 keynote addresses to a long list of distinguished groups and organizations all over the world.  He is the founder of the Horizon Project, which produces the acclaimed series of Horizon Reports that are used by over a million educators in more than 100 countries.

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* Inspired by what you heard from Dr. Johnson?  Want to learn about his work and stay in touch?  A good place to start is the New Media Consortium website.

* Interested in more panels like this?  There’s a whole collection of them to access on the CEM Kickoff page, and an even bigger (much bigger) fully searchable and browsable collection/calendar of CEM events and activities from 100+ participating organizations on the Connected Educator Month home page.

* Never been part of an online education community or network before? Not sure you have what it takes yet?  A great place to get up to speed is CEM’s collection of connected educator starter resources, including a starter kit, our help desk, and more…

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