STEM and literacy are two pillars of our educational challenge that virtually every educator is striving to address in one form or another, and connected education has a lot to offer both.  What are the latest innovations in STEM and literacy education, and what new techniques can teachers apply in their classrooms today?  Where are the overlaps and reinforcements between STEM and literacy, and what learnings do these pedagogical fields have to offer one another?  Join a powerful panel from both backgrounds (including Don Buckley, Jeanne Century, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, and Kent Williamson) in getting the proverbial ball rolling on this fundamental CEM theme.


October 1, 2013, 9:00-10:30 PM ET

Get The Recordings

Here’s a link to the archives of this terrific discussion–in Blackboard native format, in audio only (in case you want to listen in your car, at the gym or while otherwise multi-tasking), and video.  Any questions or problems–please write us!

Share With Less-Connected Colleagues

Last year, many educators told us these kick-off sessions were very effective vehicles in persuading less-connected colleagues to get more involved and engaged.  It’s not hard to see why.  The panelists are both top-of-the-field brilliant and down-to-earth practical (most are either currently practitioners or have many years of experience on the front lines), the sessions are very interactive and participatory, and they’re in format that’s familiar to everyone (who in education has never watched a panel discussion?).  

Of course you want your friends to do more than watch–you want them to take action.  So consider combining these recordings with CEM’s Getting Started page, which will give your fellow educators a lot of simple things they can do to follow up when these fantastic discussions inspire them.

Event Platform

The platform used for the event will be Blackboard Collaborate, an online platform widely used in education that combines video, audio, chat, presentation, and other capabilities.  It supports participation from any computer using Window, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

To check that your computer is ready for Blackboard Collaborate, please click here. “Step 1” will indicate if you have a version of Java that is compatible, and then “Step 2” lets you actually go into a test session. We encourage you to do this in advance of the event. If you have any difficulties, you can check the Collaborate Help FAQ and then ask for help in the WeCollaborate.com user community.

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