In celebration of CEM, legendary ed tech visionaries David Thornburg and Alan November discussed key tensions in online community/network development, e.g.

  • Top down vs. bottom up organizattion
  • Security/privacy vs. opennness/dissemination
  • Breadth of functionality vs. organic growth
  • Immediate needs vs. higher order collaboration
  • Manageability of content vs. diversity of expression
  • Core communal interactions vs. more individual forms of expression
  • Professional vs. personal needs
  • Consensus/harmony vs. conflict/debate
  • New vs. experienced users
  • Birds of a feather vs. diverse users

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* Inspired or excited by what David or Alan had to say?  Want to know more about their work or keep in touch?  Best place for David?  The Thornburg Center. For Alan? November Learning.

* Interested in more events like this?  There’s a whole collection of them to access on the CEM Kickoff page, and an even bigger (much bigger) fully searchable and browsable collection/calendar of CEM events and activities from 100+ participating organizations on the Connected Educator Month home page.

* Never been part of an online education community or network before? Not sure you have what it takes yet?  A great place to get up to speed is CEM’s collection of connected educator starter resources, including a starter kit, our help desk, and more…

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