We’ve chosen a few highlights from the Web and social media to wind up this Connected Educator Month. But first, a Halloween laugh from Twitter:

Seasonal Math Humor

Sparking Creativity in Education
by Rod Berger

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Molly McMahon, Program Director at IDEO and a leading voice at The Teachers Guild, talks about creativity in the classroom and the creative teachers that bring life to local schools. The Guild is run by by IDEO’s Design for Learning Studio and Riverdale Country School’s Delta Group. They are a team of educators and designers, inspired by teachers across the globe who are innovating every day. The Guild gives a special shout out to those who dare to experiment with The Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit. See more…

Personalized Professional Development

by Allison Rodman

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The scene is all too familiar—teachers return from summer and file neatly into auditorium rows or cafeteria tables, ready to hear “the next big thing” that will be the instructional focus for the upcoming school year. At times these initiatives represent the latest best practices in teaching and learning, but often they are simply old strategies repackaged within a new program or set of tools. Teachers respectfully absorb the content and make surface-level changes to their practice that are evident in the next round of administrative observations. However, seldom do sessions of this nature result in long-term instructional change. As a result, students become disengaged, test scores flatline or drop, and educators grow frustrated with a system that does not meet their professional needs. See more…

Open Educational Resources

Leadership for Tomorrow
How to cultivate a mindset of innovation

by Ben Gilpin and Brad Gustafson

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Principals must embrace a mindset of innovation to stay current with pedagogical shifts and best practice. It is no longer acceptable to ignore social media or other innovations that are predominant outside the field of education. Principals are among the lead learners on their campuses, and instructional leadership should reflect the 21st century context in which our schools operate. See more…

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