We’re so excited to have the Office of Educational Technology on board as a partner of Connected Educator Month this year.  The vision and expertise they bring to our connected planning table adds so much value. Thank you on behalf of the core planning team to the Department of Education for its vision in initiating and continuing to support Connected Educator Month.

Here are some special messages from the Office of Educational Technology to welcome connected educators and newbies alike to the learning this month.

Richard Culatta, Director of the Office of Educational Technology, discusses the importance of being a connected educator.

Sara Trettin, Digital Engagement Strategist at the Office of Educational Technology, can’t wait to connect with teachers during Connected Educators Month and share stories of great learning!

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One Response to Welcome to Connected Educator Month from the Office of Educational Technology

  1. I would like to participate in Connected Educator conversations where it is appropriate. I am the chief academic officer for Aztec Software. We welcome input from educators about what works best in learning software for their students. We are also ready to provide findings and feedback from our customer base about how they use technology.

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