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{'name': 'WB Games Montreal Inc.', 'location': ' Montreal Quebec, Canada', 'twitter': 'https://twitter.com/WBGamesMTL', 'linkedin': 'https://www.linkedin.com/company/wb-games-montreal-inc-', 'facebook': 'https://www.facebook.com/WBGamesMontreal', 'bio': 'We are a studio with dual expertise - a passionate team developing DC Comics-focused AAA games that evolve and celebrate the legendary brands of Warner Bros. and a Services group which is an extension of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and works across the entire slate of games to ensure the best possible player experience.', 'logo': 'https://img.fullcontact.com/static/7b5c12155b7009b76c032febfbf9c1f6_eb6238f96937a92e93d9eb1e37779563a212f1dab1ae299e4a7c68003a502f48', 'website': 'http://wbgamesmontreal.com', 'founded': 2010, 'employees': 500, 'locale': None, 'category': 'Other', 'details': {'locales': [], 'categories': [{'code': 'OTHER', 'name': 'Other'}], 'industries': [{'type': 'SIC', 'name': 'Entertainers and Entertainment Groups', 'code': '7929'}], 'emails': [{'value': 'infomtl@wbgames.com', 'label': 'general'}], 'phones': [{'value': '+1 (514) 395-4745', 'label': 'other'}], 'profiles': {'twitter': {'service': 'twitter', 'username': 'WBGamesMTL', 'userid': '287982171', 'url': 'https://twitter.com/WBGamesMTL', 'bio': 'Studio en pleine croissance misant sur le divertissement numérique interactif // Growing studio producing cutting-edge interactive digital entertainment', 'followers': 6887, 'following': 627}, 'owler': {'service': 'owler', 'username': 'wb-games', 'userid': '489892', 'url': 'https://www.owler.com/iaApp/489892/wb-games-company-profile'}, 'linkedincompany': {'service': 'linkedincompany', 'username': 'wb-games-montreal-inc-', 'userid': '2251488', 'url': 'https://www.linkedin.com/company/wb-games-montreal-inc-', 'bio': 'Joignez-vous à notre équipe de Montréal! Fondé en 2010, Jeux WB Games Montréal emploie plus de 300 créateurs et continue de croître et de recruter de nouveaux talents. Reconnu pour son jeu Batman™: Arkham Origins, le studio se concentre sur le développement de jeux permettant à l’univers DC de se démarquer dans l’espace interactif. www.wbgamesmontreal.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our Montreal Team! Since its launch in 2010, WB Games Montréal has more than 300 employees and continues to grow and recruit additional talent. Best known for its game Batman™: Arkham Origins, the studio is focused on developing games that expand the DC universe in the interactive space. www.wbgamesmontreal.com', 'followers': 9165}, 'facebook': {'service': 'facebook', 'url': 'https://www.facebook.com/WBGamesMontreal'}}, 'locations': [{'label': 'work', 'city': 'Montreal', 'region': 'Quebec', 'country': 'Canada', 'countryCode': 'CA', 'formatted': ' Montreal Quebec, Canada'}, {'label': 'work', 'addressLine1': '888, Boul. De Maisonneuve', 'addressLine2': 'Floor 5 & 6', 'city': 'Montreal', 'region': 'Qc', 'postalCode': 'H2L 4S8', 'country': 'Canada', 'countryCode': 'CA', 'formatted': '888, Boul. De Maisonneuve Floor 5 & 6 Montreal Qc, H2L 4S8 Canada'}, {'label': 'work', 'addressLine1': 'WB Games Montreal', 'city': 'Montreal', 'region': 'Qc', 'postalCode': 'H2L 4S8', 'country': 'Canada', 'countryCode': 'CA', 'formatted': 'WB Games Montreal Montreal Qc, H2L 4S8 Canada'}], 'images': [{'value': 'https://img.fullcontact.com/static/2d6461570e36429248761f0c62ec445d_1b2941a1880ba1f8efa644039d4fcaf2116acdea2bfe49a1f881aed096bb2ece', 'label': 'facebook'}, {'value': 'https://img.fullcontact.com/static/e7ed219b29b7a473c24ff651d7863dad_950a2bb4dab83c1dd9c0744923b2d85378ba26d5c273622124cde835a45c6afc', 'label': 'other'}, {'value': 'https://img.fullcontact.com/static/da5a906c34c11eb3f0b164fdad338595_cc9bf6381ec6938b3a0ddd89ddfb111b68b972450991841188e1453f75d0e9a0', 'label': 'logo'}], 'urls': [{'value': 'http://wbgamesmontreal.com', 'label': 'website'}, {'value': 'https://wbgamesmontreal.com/en/feed', 'label': 'rss'}, {'value': 'http://www.wbgmontreal.com', 'label': 'other'}], 'keywords': [], 'keyPeople': [], 'traffic': {'countryRank': {'global': {'rank': 1933317, 'name': 'Global'}}, 'localeRank': {'ca': {'rank': 134276, 'name': 'Canada'}}}}, 'dataAddOns': [{'id': 'keypeople', 'name': 'Key People', 'enabled': False, 'applied': False, 'description': 'Displays information about people of interest at this company.', 'docLink': 'http://docs.fullcontact.com/api/#key-people'}], 'updated': '2019-07-03'}

WB Games Brand Analysis

WB Games has 26 products, specializing in Video Games.

WB Games is rated 8 out of 10 based on our analysis of product reviews and ratings.

WB Games Product Quality


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