Chewy Tubes

Chewy Tubes are an advanced motor tool designed to create skills. Chewy Tubes® were initially intended to be used using all the Jaw Rehabilitation program. 2. What exactly are they made from? Chewy Tubes® have been made of a polymer material, which can be FDA Approved. 3. Can Chewy Tubes include any latex? No. Chewy Tubes® are latex free. Moreover, they don't contain lead, any PVC or phthalates. 4. Could Chewy Tubes be utilized in therapy for TMJ problems? Chewy Tubes® are NOT recommended for people with TMJ issues. For these patients, referral to an Physical Illness is recommended. 5. Just how are Chewy Tubes used? There are two components to a Chewy Tube: the handle and the bitable that is extended stem. The stem of this Chewy Tube® is set laterally or so the patient may bite down on the bitable stem using an molar dentition or gum ridge. The part has corrugated ridges to help the grip, especially for individuals that are visually impaired. Chewy Tubes® are not intended to be bitten using the front dentition. 6. What is the difference between the yellow and yellowish Chewy Tube? The yellowish Chewy Tube® gets the narrowest bitable stem (3/8 exterior diameter) of the Chewy Tubes while the red Chewy Tube® has a broader stem (1/2 outside diameter). The Knobby Tube gives input that is oral signal. 7. How does function be applied to by the size difference? The yellow Chewy Tube® can be utilized with a jaw that is smaller, typically an infant (7-10 weeks ) or a young child, or it's used with someone who cannot open his/her jaw really wide as a result of clonus. The narrower, yellow Chewy Tube® is typically used with kids who are very defensive about stimulation in therapy. The red Chewy Tube® can be used with older children that are status-post oral surgery and toddlers.

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