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Inspired by the Latin term for"Function"​ OPUX is a Productive Concept Studio with focus on"X"​ the crossover from the realm of layouts, creativity, culture, structure, ideas, urbanism, landscape and arts. With Concept Hubs created in both San Francisco & Hong Kong, functions finished in China and Southeast Asia Region, the studio has been led in arm's length by the major cross disciplinary Hong Kong architect, artist, designer, metropolitan scientist, along with seasoned curator Joshua LAU continuously crossing concepts to create new ideas in every projects. Out the mundanes are turned by the studio into a full experience with narratives linked to significance the town and inspirations. "Work"​ and"X"​ crossover are the basic methodology of OPUX seeks in each project a multifaceted possibilities in our towns. Founder of OPUX had lead a wide Array of high profile jobs since 2003 as both independent and founder/creative director such as the Curatorship for its First Hong Kong Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Shenzhen Luohu District Caiwuwei Revitalization Project, Hong Kong PMQ Design Research Moderation, Hong Kong YOHO Town Creative Park and Sculpture, Museum Art Exhibition Designs, Kowloon Tong Cornwall Street Park"Urbanmat"​ and Creative Luxurious Clubhouse. Previously known as the Founder of TETRA, Joshua LAU launched Concept Studio OPUX in 2015, concentrates throughout the design Procedure on Concepts, Creativity and Culture. The team began working involving California and journey on the rich creative energy of Hong Kong, San Francisco and both cities, inspiring functions under this new as OPUX. The studio's methodology that is dynamic and new performance structure draws ideas along with the blinking eye alike any new company.

OPUX employs over 30 people.

OPUX leads the world in Graphic Design and Commercial Art.

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OPUX has 27 products, specializing in Kitchen & Dining.

OPUX is rated 8 out of 10 based on our analysis of product reviews and ratings.

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