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The Connected Educator Month Starter Kit - created by Powerful Learning Practice - has 31 days of connected activities, giving you one simple way to get more connected every day.

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Find a book on connected education and join a book club! Read books about connected learning, discuss them with your peers, and get weekly updates. Have a book you want to see added? Join our all call!

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Connected education has its own place on the dial now - Connected Educators Radio. Check out our latest shows with hot topics, interviews, fun features and more.

Connected Educator Month goes global!

In the past, Connected Educator Month was largely a US-centric event. This year, Australia, New Zealand, and Norway will host celebrations with a full slate of locally-based events & activities.

Make connections!

CEM is first and foremost about making connections. CEM's edConnectr uses tags and maps to make it easy and fun to create profiles to collaborate, get help, or just connect...

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